The Exorcist Congregation video!

I’m so grateful with Lori Nicole, a great fan of The Exorcist, for sharing the Exorcist Congregation video on Vimeo on 11 June 2017!

And I’m glad the series was renewed for a second season! Go Ben!


New posters from The Exception

Lily James fan accounts shared new posters of The Exception on Twitter:

So now there are at least six posters of the movie, it looks like they’re going to make a big promotion. I hope they’ll make at least one featuring Ben Daniels!

So that people don’t take his role for a Nazi, Ben Daniels himself has just explained on Twitter: “No not a nazi. Anything but!” “He’s a Prussian officer. Aide-de-camp to exiled Emperor Wilhelm II“.


2017 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards


Ben Daniels and The Exorcist have been nominated respectively as Best TV Supporting Actor and as Best TV Series at the 2017 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards!

“E-mail your votes to (be sure to vote in all categories, and only once per person; personal e-mails only, no mass ballots) …………… Write-in votes are acceptable in all categories. Deadline for ballots is April 7th; winners will be announced later that month.”

Here the list of the nominees:

IHomework for “Team Ben Daniels”: vote for the two categories! And let’s hope it’s another chance to renew the series for a second season!

Could Ben Daniels still be the next Dr. Who?


Peter Capaldi has announced he will leave Doctor Who at the end of 2017.

So everybody are wondering if Ben Daniels could still be chosen to play the role, as it was announced before Capaldi took the role. Here, two articles:

Let’s wait and see what could happen!